The Price of Peace Education

A week ago I spent the morning meeting with an Israeli cultural anthropologist and education scholar well-known for his work on Peace education, Prof. Zvi Beckerman. As soon as I entered his office, I immediately felt at home, as the books from some of my favorite rhetoricians-- Kenneth Burke, Chaim Perelman, and others-- were sitting right there on his shelf, piled up and in plain view.

Rhetoric books

Eat, Eat, Eat

After settling into our new digs, we walked over to Shlomi’s for a simple but satisfying meal of vegetable bean soup, borekas (delicious filled pastries, pictured below, photo credit: Jim Ridolfo), and pita on, oddly enough, Abraham Lincoln Street.  

Plate of borekas and Arabic language cellphone ad for Orange.

[Photo: Bulgarian-cheese filled borekas above, Arabic language ad for Orange cell phone company below, photo taken by Jim Ridolfo]

And eat, eat, eat is what we’ve continued to do. The weekend begins here on Thurs. evening and lasts through Friday until Saturday night at sundown, when the Jewish Sabbath comes to a close. Like the people living here, the city also pauses to rest a bit, as public transportation and most shops and restaurants shut down from Friday night sundown until three stars appear in the sky on Saturday night. Consequently, Friday morning is the time when people catch up with friends, and the city hums with life, as everyone bustles about to buy groceries and make preparations for the Sabbath.


How to edit your adobe connect recordings

Adobe connect can be a very useful tool for collaborations. For example, it allows users to discuss the projects they are working through the use of microphone and screen share. A user can also record the meeting and post the video for others to view later. Editing the video on adobe connect may be easier for users because it does not have many complicataed tools. Furthermore, a user can always revert the edited video back to the original state if he decides that he does not like the editing and wants to start from the beginning.  In the video, I will talk about ways to edit recordings on adobe connect.


Untitled from chiayi32 on Vimeo.

Settling in...

Jim and I arrived in Israel last Thursday afternoon around 2pm, and we had the good fortune to be picked up at the airport by our dear friend Shlomi (who will get a separate blog post dedicated only to him in a few days—keep an eye out!).  Of course, since many Israelis drive cars that are smaller than American ones, Jim had a concern that our luggage might not fit in Shlomi’s car. In the end, I confess, there actually were five pieces: 1 big packpack and one garment bag for Jim, 1 big suitcase, 1 small duffel carry-on (whose straps broke from the weight of my Arabic language-learning books and which I had to replace with a rolling carry-on in the BWI airport!), and one backpack full of electronic devices for me.  But it all fit.

Red duffel bag and purple suitcase packed.

Hive Portraits

Last week the creative content/social media functional team of Hive, presented work-flow to other Hive team members. The podcasters created a demo interview featuring Christain Ecker called “On the Spot.” The social media writers showed their interactive pages created through facebook, twitter etc. connected to the A&S page. And to show what I do in terms of photography here at A&S, I took portraits of all Hive team members at the meeting in yearbook style! Brian and I provided everyone with funky clothes from our closets and everyone had a lot of fun, because the creative content/social media team has a lot of fun doing what they do.


I have chosen the best dressed out of our portraits at the meeting, your prize is pride. Here you go…

1. Brian Connors Manke

2. Dustin Mays

3. Luyi Su

4. Adrian Booker

5. Scott Horn

6. Cheyenne Hohman

7. Christina Buckner




6 Months, 4 Suitcases, 2 Professors, and 1 Big Adventure in Israel/Palestinian Authority

How does one pack for six months of living in one of the most famous and fought about regions of the world?  This is the question that I’ve been thinking about for the past few days, as I waded through jeans, shoes, books, dresses, and other sundry items trying to figure out what was important enough to warrant space in my one suitcase. It’s not until you have to put your wordly belongings in a suitcase that you begin to realize just how many of them there are, how many you’ve come to take for granted, and how many you so easily can (and probably will) live without, perhaps temporarily, perhaps more enjoyably.  As I sat on the phone with Human Resources switching health plans, AT&T suspending U.S. cell phone service, and assorted credit card companies and  banks putting many of life’s mundane details in order, I started to focus on the daily hum-drum slowly shifting out of its realm and into the liminal space that travel thrusts upon us—the space of wonder, delight, and amazement of that which otherwise we’d fail to take notice of, the simple yet infinite details that make up lived experience in this oh-so-human life.

Get your Sing on!

All of the Arts and Sciences Ambassadors are very involved on campus and represent our fabulous school through many different outlooks.  One of these is of course, Greek Life.  It's that time of year again, get ready for it, Greek Sing! Greek Sing is a philanthropy event, hosted by Chi Omega Sorority and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, that raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation.  This greek-wide event includes Greeks dancing together to destroy the negative emotions associated with childhood cancer.  After slaving away for months, practicing for hours, the Greek community is ready to show off its moves! This philanthropy event not only supports an exceptional organization, but bonds University of Kentucky students.  Remember that involvement in various different kinds of organizations, including academic and social groups, will make the most of your college experience.  See you on February 11th in Memorial Coliseum! Keep an eye out for all those grooving Ambassadors!


Traveling across colleges

Just because you are an Arts & Sciences student doesn't mean you or completely stuck in that school.

Last year, Dr. Giancarlo of the linguistics department recommended me as a staff member at UK's student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel. My first article was a review of all the hamburger restaurants on campus. The last year and a half has been a whirlwind of articles, meeting new people, and learning AP style!

This year I applied for and was accepted as the assistant features editor. In December I was promoted to Features Editor. It is a really cool opportunity to find stories on campus and learn how the news business works. So regardless of wherever you find yourself at the University of Kentucky, don't let yourself be limited by where you're at!

Cool London Transportation Cool.

Here are some photographs that are themed in someway with London’s transportation. Some are photographs that I took a photograph of inside a museum, or photographs that I took while using their transportation, such as the tube system, walking on the streets, riding double decker buses, and coaches, bridges etc.








Mon voyage en France!

My name is Katie Baskett, and I am an Ambassador for the College of Arts & Sciences. I am spending this spring in Caen, France taking classes at the Univesity's Carré International (language & culture center for international students). I've spent the last few days exploring my surroundings, and have come to find that the public transportation system is completely awesome and easy to navigate - I don't know why anyone owns a car. It definitely facilitates my wandering around this medieval town. This place is full of beauty and charm, not to mention history! I live with a host family, and I can already tell that my interactions with them are improving my french. My host mom is from Brazil so they actually speak portugese around the house as well. Kind of confusing for me but very cool. Classes start next week - will post again soon!

Eglise Saint-Pierre - centre-ville at night:


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